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Stanton DeFreitas Is An Accomplished Businessman And Entrepreneur

September 22, 2015
Stanton DeFreitas is a capable and successful businessman who works on issues of important to international businesses and ventures. He has a wealth of experience in the world of international business and is the first place that many groups, organizations, and businesses turn to when they need some advice or help on how to proceed. Stanton DeFreitas understands the international business world better than most and is happy to be able to help businesses enhance and improve their efforts.

Stanton DeFreitas grew up in a unique situation, because he was a native Canadian, but was more than happy to celebrate his Caribbean heritage anytime he got the chance. He grew up in Scarborough, a multicultural neighborhood in Toronto's east end. It was extremely beneficial to his personal and business life to experience such a diverse neighborhood. He was, on many occasions, exposed to all kinds of cultures, customs, languages, and food. His upbringing encouraged him to embrace other cultures and be appreciative of diversity.

Stanton DeFreitas is more than just an international businessman and entrepreneur. He is also an aspiring writer who wants to be able to communicate with his readers on a number of important topics. Stanton DeFreitas believes his philosophy of inclusion and diversity is something many people could benefit from and he wants to see it championed. Stanton DeFreitas is interested in issues like international travel, world events, international sport, and health and wellness issues. These are issues which affect every person and which we could all stand to learn more about.
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